What we do & how it helps you!

The first words you read on our homepage just got a make over. We’ve crafted an elevator pitch designed to give enough information to understand what #hexology does.


Share exclusive digital content in the physical world


#hexology is different from other media sharing apps because the digital content we enable you to share is exclusive to a real location in the physical world, which means, it’s stored in a place you decide. You might store a photograph in a coffee shop for example, in which case that photograph would only be available to the people in the coffee shop – you can’t find it through google or on the web, you’ve got to be there to get it.

Our elevator pitch tells you what we do, but it doesn’t tell you why you should do it, or how it will benefit you. So to put hexology into context we’ve written our value proposition which is:


For anyone that wants to share exclusive content in a real location #hexology is the app that puts your digital media into the physical world


So let’s break it down!

  1. Who is #hexology for – it’s for anyone!
  2. What need or opportunity does hexology solve or fulfil – it enables people to share information in the physical world
  3. We tell you how we put information in the physical world by describing our product – it’s an app!
  4. we tell you what the app does and how it will benefit you.

And if all this has held your interest then our Mission Statement at the bottom of the homepage will tell you why we are doing it.


#hexology empowers you with an ability to share a rich multimedia message in the physical world, enabling people to discover and connect with the individuals and places around us, so that communities can grow


Honing in the language we use to communicate with people also helps us define who we are, what we do and why we do it, and we owe thanks to UX Coach Andy Parker of We Are AFK who gave us the insight and tools to work on our (1) elevator pitch, (2) value proposition and (3) mission statement.

To find out more about the theory read this – Value proposition under a minute

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