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New York

Dropped a poem into the location of the 9/11 Memorial. Open this collection and discover other content written into: The Empire State Building, Broadway, Central Park and more.

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A photographic collection of the finest Artworks, written into the location of the Masterpiece Art Fair. An unparalleled opportunity to view and buy #Art #Design #Furniture and #Jewellery from antiquity to the triumphs of contemporary creation, from international exhibitors spanning every major market discipline are on display.

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Explore the New Strand Aldwych and discover heritage content about people and events from the past, written into statues, grade 1 listed buildings and West End theatres.

2022.10.15 – Live Demonstration of Heritage Content at the XRchiving.London Conference #StrandAldwych

2022.06.23 – Live at the Brighton and Hove Business Show

2022.06.16 – Live on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

2022.06.13 – CEO & Founder Darrel Butlin is the keynote speaker at the Brighton & Hove Business Show

2022.06.12 – Join our Beta Group to access the latest features and meet the team