Who can see my information?

We take privacy very seriously at #hexology.

As always, if you have any questions at all about your account please just reach out! Our team is here to help. You can contact us via email at connect@hexology.co.

You can view a comprehensive overview of our privacy policy here.

What information is public?

When you create an account on Hexology, the following is viewable to the public. Note that some elements are optional or can be edited.

Your name

You can edit your name by going to your account settings.

Profile photo

Your profile photo and the link to your profile page are viewable by the public. You may choose not to upload a profile photo to your account (or you may upload an avatar in place of a photo of yourself). In your account settings, you can change your profile photo.

Home city

Your home city is viewable by the public. You are not required to include your home city upon signup and you can edit your home city in your account settings.

Your bio

Your bio is viewable by the public. Including a bio is completely optional. To add, change, or remove your bio, go to your account settings.

Links to Twitter and Facebook (if they’re connected)

If you connect your Twitter and/or Facebook accounts to your Foursquare City Guide profile, clickable links to your Twitter and/or Facebook profiles will appear on your Foursquare City Guide profile page by default, which means that they are seen publicly.  However, you have the ability to hide these Twitter and Facebook links through your account settings.

Your photos

When you add a photo to a tip, or to a place on Foursquare City Guide, that photo is public.



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