Weaving Information into Fashion



When Jenny Barrett, entrepreneur and owner of Supernatural Collections met Darrel J Butlin, founder of Hexology last week, it was the technology that pushed some serious super-thinking.

Jenny, set on finding ever more sustainable fabrics for her super-organic kids’ clothing range, wants her customers to know all about the seaweed, beech trees and even banana skins that make her planet-saving clothes. But as she tells Darrel about her dreams, a lightbulb moment bathes them in creative genius.  Of course she could use QR codes to tell customers about the provenance. Sure she can add fabric information to the barcode which her customers can read on hexapp. But like Da Vinci’s hand of God, Darrel realises that it’s not just the parents who could read the label.

Just like Tigerlilly in our hexology film, Jenny could open new worlds for the garments themselves by adding NFC stickers to each Super-Afro cape and banana skin T shirt. With their own personal hex, perhaps in cool mint or hexy gold, Super-Parents can read the cape or T-shirt like a bedtime story by scanning the NFC sticker on the label with hex. The content is as big as Jenny’s imagination.