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Imagine, a near future. Claire is getting ready for the opening of her exhibition, ‘Heads’. The stories inspired by her latest collection of wild colours and dark themes, are hidden in NFC stickers attached to the frames. Her emerald green hex emits its bluetooth signals gently to the waiting crowd outside. As the art lovers…(Read More)

Chatting to artist Clare Fearon this week about how she might use hex with her heads painted on objects. As she pondered on what she’ll create for the Christmas markets this year, the tales her heads could tell through recovered vases and rediscovered jugs. It set us off on a rant about throwaway culture…(Read More)

When Jenny Barrett, entrepreneur and owner of Supernatural Collections met Darrel J Butlin, founder of Hexology last week, it was the technology that pushed some serious super-thinking. Jenny, set on finding ever more sustainable fabrics for her super-organic kids’ clothing range, wants her customers to know all about the seaweed, beech trees and…(Read More)