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You’re amazing! Imagine, your photos, your videos, your music, your humour, your wisdom and your art, not on the web, but where your life is really happening. “Shine wherever you are” builds on the idea that #hex enables you to take your digital self with you wherever you go. Using our free app, compose…(Read More)

hex 2.0


Faster, smaller and cheaper! The results of the tests for the latest revision of hex beacon are conclusive, hex is now 3 times faster and 20% smaller. Our development team have been seriously busy over the past 6 weeks to optimise the design and its triggered some exciting insights and developments. hex 2.0 will…(Read More)

Great technology should feel a bit magical; its workings may be mysterious and why would you care anyway, as long as it does what you need it to do or something you love. Hexology has that magic feel you need to try to really appreciate. We can tell you that the ability to save a…(Read More)

Chances are, if you think about the organisations you know that are really making a difference, they’re telling a compelling story. Your story helps us make sense of your place in the world – we need it – and we need you to tell it. If we’re going to be changed by it, you need…(Read More)

Super-thinking our way through the challenges we faced has led to numerous insights and innovations; our company culture is rich with ideas, know-how and opportunity. In the run up to our Kickstarter launch we wanted to announce that we’ve setup a Reward aimed specifically at people like us – to all those working…(Read More)

Gearing up for Kickstarter got us thinking about the organisations we want to work with, the people we’d like to help, the changes we’d like to see in the world and how hexology can make a difference. So we shaped our reward plan to attract those we felt we could assist in a…(Read More)