Spirit of Coder Dojo

Thrilled by the news that a Coder Dojo was starting up nearby, I took my son along on the first day and by the end of the session he had written a web-page in HTML; and he’s only six years old. Yet, there was an unexpected outcome for me too!

Coder Dojo brings kids and adult-mentors together with a common aim. I went to support the voluntary effort, give my kid a learning experience and membership to a club that would help him learn how to write code and he thrived on the interactions he had with the mentors and kids he met that day.

The spirit of giving, sharing and learning is the energy that fuels Coder Dojo; and it rubs off on everyone that goes. I found knowledge, creativity and collaboration in abundance, and as an entrepreneur working on a startup, I’ve been able to recruit some of those talented individuals into my business – helping me compete, develop and grow. Talking about my ideas, my business and the issues I face started a chain reaction – one idea led to another, connections were found, introductions given and eventually breakthroughs made.

More than a club for kids, Coder Dojo is a community that wants to nurture talent and ideas, these are creative individuals who build and encourage prosperity. I was able to make valuable connections at my Coder Dojo, I wonder what’s happening at yours!

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