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You're amazing!

Imagine, your photos, your videos, your music, your humour, your wisdom and your art, not on the web, but where your life is really happening.

#hex brings your online digital self and real physical self together as one, into the #realphysicalworld wherever you go. Compose a message and #hex will reach out, connect and share your message to anyone within a 25m radius, that's 80 feet. It's as simple as posting a tweet.

Wear it around your neck, on a keychain, in your bag or stick it on to a wall; you're in control. For anyone that wants to share their digital media in the #realphysicalworld, #hex connects you to the people around you,  so you can shine wherever you go!

Coming via Kickstarter please help us spread the word by posting, tweeting and retweeting on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Just two clicks will make a huge difference!

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