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Great design is evolved around the user and at #hexology, we are empowering communities with an ability to enrich locations with digital media, so that people can discover and enjoy the media shared in an object, space or place.


  • I go to a venue and pick up details about an event on my smartphone as I arrive at the entrance – simply by being there!
  • I can even leave a video of the event in the venue for others to discover at a later date, so the event lives on after it is over.

In your hands, the free #hexology app can deliver so many different kinds of experiences, yet the advantage #hexology offers event organisers are great, use it to:

  • Promote a venue and an event – using #hexology to share digital media in the GPS location of a venue helps audiences discover your event, and guide them to the venue via the built-in map.
  • Sharing information about the artists at the venue – using #hexology audiences can participate in a stream of conversation with the artists that exists only inside the venue.
  • Measure engagement – using #hexology event organisers can find out how many people attended, where they came from, what other shows they attended and much, much more..

#hexology boosts engagement in your event by giving audiences access to different types of digital media in different types of locations, so whether you’re a theatre owner or a busker on the street, you have the power to enrich your stage where ever it maybe.

Branding your channel with your identity

Creating your own channel inside #hexology and populating it with activity to build your identity keeps your community up to date, and enables you to reach audiences that you would not normally reach; #hexology connects you with people in your space that you don’t already know!

Connecting your online digital world with the real

#hexology is an experience that puts the power to connect the online world with the real in your hands. It gives event organisers, venue owners, artists and audiences something unique, and if you are a decision-maker then the insights you can gain through the data gathered will give you the information needed to further develop a relationship with Sponsors. We started #hexology because we wanted to give people a voice and the technology we developed fulfils that promise and so much more.

Join #hexology to find out more about our free app, activities and events.