Narrative Space Design

Engaging people in a narrative about your business, hobby or activity is a powerful way to promote an event, raise awareness or share experiences. It’s a journey of discovery and what if the start point was seeded in a real location, such as a ticket office, reception desk, meeting point or entrance. In this event the narrative you want to tell enriches the experience of being in a real location, it’s something we call #NarrativeSpaceDesign.

#hexology is an experience!

Using #hexology creators can construct their digital narratives and place them in space for others to discover. Creating your own channel and branding it with your own logo or artwork ensures that people understand that this is your content, and on the surface people will think it is your version of the app that exists under the umbrella of #hexology.

We imagine this will empower Theatres, Exhibition Spaces, Galleries, Theme Parks, Festivals and Museums, to enrich the visitor experience with an immersive media-rich experience. Enabling your audience to instantly plug themselves into your event and stay up-to-date with the latest news, even after the event is over and they are back at home.

Our goal is to empower you with an ability to create an experience that draws people into your world and #hexology enables you to create the illusion of a white-label experience, inside a wall-gardened environment that is all about you.

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