Coming via Kickstarter, our #hexmagic crowdfunding campaign gives you an opportunity to get your own #hex, and it gives us a chance to build a community, find developer teams to collaborate with and connect with people working on complex challenge briefs.

Week by week we’ll focus on different themes that draw out ways #hex can change the way we experience the world we live in. To begin we’ll be talking about ways you can become #superconnected and there will be a different theme each week.

To #kickstarthex into life, we have designed a reward plan to serve people from all walks of life:

  • #hex for Personal use – get 1, 2 or 3 #hexes in a pack.
  • #hex for Developers – get a set of 9 or 12 #hexes plus early access to the developer API so that you can build your own Android and iOS apps using #hex.
  • #hex for professionals – get a set of 20 hexes, early access to the iOS and Android API, and collaborate with #hexology.

These rewards have been thoughtfully created to empower people who want to share content in real locations and we have modelled some of the User Experiences here.

Join #hexology by signing up to our newsletter and help us spread the word of our #kickstarter campaign #hexmagic.

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