Internet of Things *made social

You’ve heard of the “internet of things” right?  Well, stuff talks and we’re making it easy for anyone to give their stuff a voice. Yes, walls have ears, eyes and now they can talk too.

At Hexology, we want to unlock this potential and put it in your hands, that’s why we designed a flexible service that’s accessible to all. Using the Hex platform you can:

  • Store a website in a business card.
  • Share pictures, videos or data sheets.
  • Add information to a touch point, or point of sale.
  • Or publish a game in a park bench.

Whether you’re an individual, merchant or organisation, the applications are endless. Scan any tag with your smartphone or hex, and using hex-app you can publish, share and discover information in the objects and places around you – it’s an idea for a movement we want to start.

We believe Hexology can build communities, bring us closer together and enable us to discover the world around us in new, unexpected and interesting ways. So we began by creating the tools to publish our thoughts and information, in the objects and places around us.

We envisage a future where everything is enriched with digital content that ‘we’ have curated – an internet of things *made social – and we’d like everyone to be involved.