The Humanitarian


For Charities, Humanitarian and not-for-profit organisations.

Gearing up for Kickstarter got us thinking about the organisations we want to work with, the people we’d like to help, the changes we’d like to see in the world and how #hexology can make a difference. So we shaped our reward plan to attract those we felt we could assist in a meaningful way – some decisions are based on commercial acumen yet others guided by shared ideals and beliefs we value.

In business – we can make a difference – which is why we decided to setup a special reward we call the ‘Humanist’. Aimed specifically at Charities, Humanitarian & Not-For-Profit organisations, the $21200 reward compares equally to the other rewards on that tier. Why? Because we want to make a difference!

So how could Charities, Humanitarian & Not-For-Profit organisations use #hexology?

  • Communicate

Use #hex to share information with people – this could be on the high street or even in remote places where there is no internet. Using low-power bluetooth technology #hex is able to communicate where there is no internet, whether it’s news, public information or local advice, the opportunity to connect without the need to implement any infrastructure is unique.

  • Application

Consider writing the instructions into a #hex built into a water purifier kit, scan the #hex and pick up the know-how in any language.

  • Analytics

#hexology keeps a count of every time a #hex is scanned. If you are in the business of promoting a cause then you can measure the effectiveness of a message. Maybe the message is lost, hidden or unnoticed, or perhaps not fully understood. Feedback enables decision-makers optimise the performance of their campaign so that they can maximise impact.

These highlight only a few opportunities that could save money or build awareness, if you’re interested please do get in touch so that we can discuss the potential.

And so..

The ‘Humanist’ pledge is aimed specifically for Charities, Humanitarian and not-for-profit organisations only. Get 12 #hex beacons and early access to our API and we’ll help develop strategies and if necessary help implement solutions. It’s possible that a group of individuals could club together to make a pledge and take advantage of the developer tools by splitting the pack of 12 #hex beacons into groups, and then ship them across the world.

It’s the best we can do to show that we want to make a difference!!


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