Another summer fades as an apricot sun sets on the last festival of the year.  From June to September, Britain dances to a different beat as multi-generations head to country parks and stately homes for the summer fun. The forever forests and faraway lands are dotted with entertainers, poets and storytellers while the stages are stormed by crowds screaming for everyone from Stevie Wonder to Voodoo Love Orchestra.

But how do you see everyone you want to see? What if you miss the cool poet everyone’s going to be talking about tomorrow night? Who knew that George Ezra was doing that secret gig in the woods?

Imagine a near future….

It’s early evening at Bestival and Lucy and Kira are heading down to the port. Suddenly, Lucy’s hexapp buzzes in her pocket.  ‘Films in the Forest, a glorious cinema with cult classics, documentaries and short films,’ pops up on her screen. It must be nearby. Hex broadcasts all sorts of events within a 20 metre radius without the use of internet. And as they snuggle down they scroll through hexapp to find out more.

hex & hexapp keeps stream of information, live and up to date – anywhere!