Share your media in the physical world means (1) using our free app to compose a text message, (2) add an image, (3) video from Youtube, (4) audio from Soundcloud and (5) publish your message in the physical world for others to discover.

#hexology empowers anyone with an ability to share their digital magic in the around us. Flexible and easy to use, #hexology is designed to serve people in many different walks of life and we’ll be using this blog to highlight ways #hexology can change the way you live or work – so stay tuned!


Smaller, faster & cheaper than its predecessor, the new #hex has built-in memory that stores your message and broadcasts it in a 20m radius. Information is transferred via low-power bluetooth, without the use of internet so it will work anywhere, in a field, on a mountain, in a cave or at sea. The new #hex includes wireless charging which means we can make it water resistant – so that you can take it anywhere – more details to follow!

Our journey started in the autumn of 2013 with an explosion of insights and ideas, since then we’ve conducted numerous tests, trials and micro-projects to find out what works and then eliminate the rest. What we have now has evolved out of our journey of discovery and we’d like to share that journey with you. If you haven’t done so already please sign up to our newsletter and join us, so we can magic reality together.

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