#hexology started with why!

“Stand for people. Not a product or service or metric or number. If we stand for real, living, breathing people, we will change the world.”

Simon Sinek

So I ask, what does #hexology do that makes the world a better place?”

We are on a mission:

  • To empower people to bring their online digital worlds and physical worlds together as one, wherever you go, so that your digital media can be effortlessly discovered, treasured and replied to be anyone near you.

To illustrate how people might use #hexology:

  • A food shop shares information about their organic products and talk about their commitment to local farmers for people to discover whenever they walk into their shop.
  • A theatre owner uses #hexology to share digital media about a performance or show with people in the foyer when they arrive.
  • A meetup group organiser uses hexology to share information and make contact with people as they arrive at the event.

Using our free app, compose a message, add an image, video from Youtube, audio from Soundcloud and post it into the world – it’s as simple as posting a tweet.

#hexology is this about putting you in control, empowering you with a magical ability to write information into the world. Designed to give you new ways to share our stories and experiences, #hexology has the potential to help you discover who and what is around you, and bring back a village feel into our city life.

Join us and lets shape the future together!