#hexology started with why!


“Stand for people. Not a product or service or metric or number. If we stand for real, living, breathing people, we will change the world.”

This inspirational quote was sent to me by Simon Sinek in his daily email. Our Chairman Bill Liao also raised the point in his first email when he asked “What is driving this? What will make it matter? What is the shift?”

So I ask, what does hexology do that makes the world a better place?”

We are on a mission:

  • To empower people with new technology so that anyone can compose a rich multimedia message and share it in the physical world for people to discover, so that connections can be discovered, and communities can grow.

There is normally a WOW moment after every pitch, which is when we know that we have opened someone’s eyes to the value of hexology. Often we have to think up a scenario that shows them how they might use it:

  • A shopkeeper shares information about their commitment to local farmers and organic food to the people that walk into their shop.
  • A skateboarder films a stunt and publishes it in the location where it was shot for other skateboarders to discover.
  • A busker broadcasts details of their music to the people standing in the crowd.
  • A photographer publishes their portfolio in a postcard at an exhibition.

Hexology gives you power over this magical technology and through our free app, you can compose a written message, add an image, video from Youtube, audio from Soundcloud and post it in the world. Our vision goes one step further, what if you could carry that information around with you and broadcast it where ever you go?

#hex is a small, portable beacon that stores your message and broadcasts it within a 20 metre radius, for others to pickup whenever they are nearby. Using our free app, simply compose a message, but instead of posting it online send it to hex – it’s as simple as posting a tweet.

#hexology is all about putting you in control, empowering you with an ability to write information into the world around you, to give you new ways of sharing new experiences. We believe it will help you discover who and what is around you, and bring a village feel back to city life. Join us and lets shape the future together!

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