Inspired by a vision to energise our world with a wave of Digital Media floating in the air around us #hexology empowers an ability to bring our online content into the #PhysicalWorld.

Our ideas and language are evolving out of the recognition that #hexology is more than technology, it is an experience – a kind of digital magic that transforms the social activity of sharing content in objects, spaces and places around us, into a Magical Art.

#hexology is more than an app, it is a movement that connects us all in a much deeper way, wherever we go..

Reading and writing your media into our #hex Beacon is just the beginning, #hexology also enables you to read and write media into outdoor locations for people to pick up when they enter a GPS location.

A built in QR and Barcode reader gives users command to read and write your own media into any QR code or Barcode. Whether you generate a QR code inside #hexology or hi-jack one that is already in circulation, adding your own media is quick and easy. #hexology gives everything you need to enrich any publication with your content.

#hexology exists to enable you to share your message in the #PhysicalWorld, tell us who you are and what you do and we will feature an article about you on our website.

Use #hexology to:

  • Promote ideas, events and activities
  • Create narratives in an object, space or place
  • Reach out and connect with the people around you to build communities
  • Share experiences


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