#hexology – Major Update

Today we announce the launch of a major update to #hexology on Android which introduces the discovery page.

Thanks to Pokemon Go you know what to do – #hexology uses your phone’s GPS sensor to track your location and deliver information that people have stored in the physical world – and using google maps, #hexology will also help you navigate your way around.

As part of the Brighton Digital Festival 2016, photographer Heather Buckley has used the new feature to produce a virtual photographic tour of Brighton. The online mobile location-based tour will guide you around the streets of Brighton where you will be able to collect the images when you arrive at the location where they are stored. http://heatherbuckley.hexology.co

#hexology lets you publish and share your images, audio, video and text in locations for others to discover, someone just described #hexapp to me as a cross between Instagram and Pokemon Go – cool!

Limited only by the imaginations of the users, the real question is – how will you use it?

Using #hexapp you can build your own virtual tour too, treasure hunt or quiz.. download hexology on Android here. #hexology is free and easy to use. If you would like to build your own virtual tour please do get in touch and we’ll promote it through hexology.

Email us at: connect@hexology.co


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