Faster, smaller and cheaper!

The results of the tests for the latest revision of #hex beacon are conclusive, #hex is now 3 times faster and 20% smaller. Our development team have been seriously busy over the past 6 weeks to optimise the design and its triggered some exciting insights and developments.

#hex 2.0 will now be translucent, which will allow the light from the built-in LEDs to shine through the case when they are turned on – so that #hex will glow. We’re also exploring different surface finishes to achieve a rough texture to emulate the surface of a pebble.

Changes to the circuit design have extended the expected running time of the #hex device by 5 times. Running time after a single charge is wholly dependent on LED usage, they consume the largest quota of power and we have identified ways to extend the running time by altering the circuit. Reducing LED brightness and the length of the sequences also add to the running time and we anticipate that the beacon will as a result remain operational for several days after a single charge.

A lot of work has gone into optimising the way that information is stored in the #hex device and the software harness that controls how information is sent to and from the h#ex device is robust. The software also handles how #hex is discovered by your mobile tablet or phone, it all happens automatically under the hood whenever you walk into its zone. Neat!

We’re 3D printing some new prototypes of the new #hex 2.0 and as we’ll update the website just as soon as we have some images to share.