Global PR Agency Brazil Champions #hexology

International PR and communications agency Brazil is working with #hexology on the promotion of the #hex Kickstarter campaign. It’s an amazing partnership, strengthened by a mutual feeling of excitement and belief in #hex, and how it can be used to change the world.

With an HQ in the UK and offices in the USA, Brazil and Hong Kong, the London-based PR team is accustomed to being at the forefront of the tech world, and have overtime gained particular expertise in working with technology startups and Fintech companies. #hexology falls directly into this sweet-spot and it is without doubt, a great development for the #hexology team who have been tirelessly gearing up for their Kickstarter launch for months.

Brazil is jumping on board at a time when the Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to go live, and instead of announcing a Kickstarter launch, #hexology is putting the campaign on pause to get the collaboration started.

A new date for the launch of our #hex Kickstarter campaign will be set within the next 2-3 weeks and further announcements will be made through the usual social media channels. It’s a privilege and a delight to be associated with the Brazil team, who have clearly spotted the incredible potential of #hexology, and have stepped up as our Champion to help us get our story out.

Stay tuned for news about our Kickstarter launch!


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