Thinking about the organisations that really make a difference, they have a compelling story. Your story helps us make sense of what you do and your position in the world – we need to hear your story to understand what you are offering and if we are to be convinced by what you do, then you need to tell your story well.

We want to reach out to all of those independently minded individuals who possess the same entrepreneurial spirit as us and tell you about a Kickstarter reward plan we have created called the Entrepreneur.

#hexology enables an ability to share your story in the real digital world, whether it’s a conference hall, hotel, restaurant or pop-up shop in the high street. The moment someone walks into your proximity you have a chance to connect.

Imagine walking into a delicatessen or a stall at a Farmers Market and finding out how this family business with a 50 year history is as competitive in price as a supermarket chain; and that everything on sale is locally sourced; and that the majority of the profit goes to the Farmer. You might even get recipe ideas or information that gives provenance to a food source.

What if you could walk into a business centre and pick up stories about the enterprise of the people and their businesses. Discover who and what they do, and even make contact for the first time simply by being in the room.

Getting your story out helps people understand who you are and what you do, and this is where #hexology steps in.

  • #hex requires no internet so you can broadcast your information anywhere
  • using our free app you can publish information without incurring data charges
  • it’s simple to use
  • it’s agile, portable and quick to setup
  • it’s flexible – so you can use it one way, and then use it again in another way at a later date

#hexology is magical technology and in your hands, you can punch above your weight. Aimed at individuals, small businesses, shop-keepers, pop-up shops, hotels, restaurants – anyone looking for novel ways to put their stories into spaces and places – the Entrepreneur package has been setup to help people you optimise #hex for your purpose.

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