CoderDojo #hexpack Kickstarter Reward

Built into our crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign is a very special consideration, we have created a CoderDojo Kickstarter Reward specifically for the people and friends of CoderDojo.

Leading the way for children to learn how to code is the CoderDojo movement, a global network of free, community-based programming clubs. Anyone aged seven to seventeen can visit a Dojo where they can learn to code and explore technology in an informal, creative, and social environment. Led by volunteers around the world CoderDojo is helping young people realise that they can build a positive future through coding and community.

Some of us at #hexology have been involved in setting up CoderDojo clubs since it began and we wanted to create a Kickstarter reward that gives other people involved in CoderDojo around the world, an opportunity to get the #hex developer kit to work with – and the Kickstarter team approved our request. Thank you Kickstarter!

#hexology is pleased to announce the CoderDojo #hexpack Kickstarter reward. For anyone that wishes to acquire the Android and iOS #hex API for their own personal use, and also for use at a CoderDojo club of their choice, here are the details:


  • CoderDojo #hexpack

Anyone on Kickstarter is welcome to back the CoderDojo #hexpack reward, for those that do, #hexology will send 6 hexes to the backer, and if the backer donates a minimum of 4 #hexes to a CoderDojo club of their choice, we will give the backer and the CoderDojo club early access to the Android and iOS API.

To confirm the donation of hexes to the CoderDojo club of choice, we ask the organisers of the CoderDojo club to write to via email to say that they have been given the #hexes. This email should include the serial numbers of the #hexes that have been donated, and the name of the backer that made the donation. Upon receipt of this email we will release the API software to the backer, and the organisers of the CoderDojo club, at no extra cost.

It is #hexology’s responsibility to fulfil the reward by shipping the 6 hexes to the registered address given by the backer through the Kickstarter website, and in turn, it is the backer’s responsibility to give the #hexes they wish to donate to the organisers of a CoderDojo club.


Coder Dojo is busy building pathways for our young people to lead us into the future and at #hexology we want to help realise this vision. Yet in the process we also want to empower the volunteers that run the clubs so that they can work with #hex too. Set at the most competitive price point available, this Kickstarter reward plan exists to empower and support our friends at CoderDojo across the world. Thank you CoderDojo!


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